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On occasion, assessments are derived from inaccurate basic information resulting in tax increases to property owners.  


When property tax assessments are sent to property owners, there is generally less than a 30-day window to protest the assessment if a problem exist.

First Coast Consultants, Inc. Has been experienced in ad valorem tax since 1984, and is well versed in property evaluation, real estate appraisal, tax laws and legislation.  Our credentials, integrity, and past years of reputable track record have gained respect in property appraiser's offices throughout Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina.

First Coast Consultants, Inc. is an ad valorem tax consulting firm specializing in the equitable assessing of Commercial Real Estate Property on behalf of owners, investors, developers and managers of commercial properties across the entire State of Florida.  


Our property tax consulting service is a precise blend of experience, education, professional presentation and negotiation skills.  


Our goal is to minimize real estate taxes through negotiations of assessed property values with county property assessors.

Property Purchase Analysis

Tax Assessment Analysis

Searches & Reporting

Administrative Services

First Coast Consultants, Inc.'s founded in 1984 provides years of experience to give you peace of mind.  Our Clients expect and receive professional, confidential and proficient handling of their tax issues.  Whether it is research services, routine administrative tasks, or reports on your total property portfolio, our state-certified general real estate appraisers handle all your tax issues efficiently and professionally.


In doing so, we allow you to reduce the cost of your company’s overhead so that you can invest your time and efforts on more important aspects of your business.  The resulting benefit translates into  piece of mind knowing that as your agent, we have provided you with a means to reduce your tax liabilities without having to invest valuable time on your part.


Don’t hesitate to give us a call at your convenience and avail yourself of our free telephone consultation.


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We are available to speak to business groups about property assessments and how to save your company money. There is no charge for speaking engagements. Email me for available dates and questions.